About Us

​From social and political concerns that impact our communities to Humanitarian and Charitable efforts.
We aim to empower you to do your part to make your space better. 

We encourage Dialogue, Debate and ACTION.

Real Talk With Felicia also supports community efforts which are aimed at encouraging individuals in local and state communities to become involved in the political process.

We support community organizations that fight against voter suppression.

In order to make a change,you must initiate change. 
That can start with an action as simple as casting a ballot.

Make sure  you are registered to vote!

Note that some links appearing in posts and on our website may be affilitate links.

Clicking either place will take you to the Rock the Vote website, there you can register to vote or check your registration.

Real Talk with Felicia supports voting rights and encourages Voter Registration for All Americans.

Real Talk With Felicia

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